عبارات عن الجمل بالانجليزي

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عبارات عن الجمل بالانجليزي

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عبارات عن الجمل بالانجليزي وكلمات عن الجمل بالانجليزي وتعبير عن الجمل بالانجليزي كل ذلك سوف نقدمه لكم ف هذا الموضوع .

عبارات عن الجمل بالانجليزي

The camel is sometimes called the ship of the desert because it is useful for voyages through sandy deserts where there is no food or water, and some hard-to-believe tales tell of how much camels endure the lack of food or water. But the tales that we know to be true are really strange. A camel can carry a passenger and a lamb that weighs more than a quarter of a ton. In Somalia, a caravan of camels made a six-day walk without water, and in Australia, a loaded camel traveled 40 kilometers a day for eight days without water.
In the hot, dry lands of northern Australia, a caravan of camels traveled 864 km in 34 days without water. Many of the camels of the caravan died on the way, and a few of them were delivered by grazing the weeds wet with dew, and there is a type of camel called the hybrid that is used for riding only. It is known that he travels 153 kilometers in 13 hours, which is an average of 11 kilometers per hour.
It is often said that camels store water in their intestines, but this is not true. A thirsty camel usually drinks 68 liters of water at once. An extremely thirsty camel can drink about 136 liters, and this water does not remain in its intestines, but it immediately seeps through the walls of its intestines and spreads throughout its body. Therefore, the camel’s body swells after drinking a very large amount of water. The camel stores fat in its hump. A camel that is well fed has a fixed hump, but it sag and drops on one side if a few days pass during which the camel does not eat food.

Information about camels for children

first type
It is the Arab camel, which lives in the Arab region, and this type of camel is characterized by having one hump.
second type
It is known as the bacteria camel, which is found in the Central Asian region, and it differs from the first type in shape because it has two humps.
There are some types of animals that are classified under the mammalian family that are very similar in shape to camels, including the llama, guanaco, alpaca and fecuña, and these species are found in the South American region.
The lifespan of a camel is between 40 and 50 years.
The camel is a fast animal, with a speed of up to 65 km / h, and it is worth noting that some camels can reach a speed of 40 km / h.
There is a misconception that the camel can store water in its humps, as it is able to store fat in the humps and transfer it when needed for water and food, as the camel can tolerate the absence of water for long periods.
The weight of an adult camel is between 300 and 600 kg, as for the bacterial adult camel, its weight ranges from 300 to 1000 kg.
The camel is known as the most animal that can tolerate the absence of water and food for long periods, as during the period of lack of food it converts the fat in the humps into food, and the period that the camel can tolerate without food and water may sometimes reach 6 months.
The camel is characterized by having thick skin, due to the adaptive ability that the camel possesses, so that it can live in the desert and withstand high temperatures.
The camel’s legs are long, which helps it to stay away from the hot surface of the earth, and its feet are characterized by its lightness and width, and it is known as the camel’s slipper, and this is what gives the camel the ability to walk in the desert sands, and run if necessary.
The camel has the ability to drink up to 113 liters of water in a short period of several minutes.
The hump of the camel is known as the hump, and it is where the camel keeps food and water.
The camel does not sweat much because of the thermal range that the camel possesses, as its temperature changes between 34 and 41.7 degrees Celsius.

Nutritional benefits of camel

It does not depend on camels as a means of transportation in the past, because camels were one of the sources of food wealth, and their skins were used in many industries, so within information about camels for children, is the food wealth that we get from camels, which is represented in:
1_ milk
Camel milk is characterized by containing low amounts of cholesterol. Camel milk is one of the most important drinks that Bedouins and travelers depend on, and it was used in the composition of milk products.
It is worth noting that in the past, they were not able to make cheese using camel milk, due to the lack of ingredients needed by cheese, but with the progress that occurred during this period, they were able to use camel milk in making cheese, which is preferred by many cheese lovers because of its ease of digestion.
2_ meat
Meat from camels is similar to beef, and is characterized by containing many nutrients such as proteins and vitamins that the body needs.
Camel meat may be tough if the camel is an adult, and this can be eliminated by increasing the time in which the meat is cooked.

What do camels feed on?

Camels are herbivores. They eat grass, grains, wheat, oats, and thorns that other animals avoid. They spend their days searching for food and grazing. However, it may be difficult to obtain food in their harsh desert environment. A camel can live for more than a week without water and can survive They survive for several months without food[5], and the camel feeds or grazes for 8 hours each day and takes another 6 to 8 hours to chew. Camels are herbivores. Toxic that grows in the area and stays away

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