حوار بين شخصين عن التواصل الاجتماعي بالانجليزي

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حوار بين شخصين عن التواصل الاجتماعي بالانجليزي

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حوار بين شخصين عن التواصل الاجتماعي بالانجليزي و حوار بين شخصين حول الثقافة كل ذلك سوف نقدمه لكم في هذه السطور التالية.

حوار بين شخصين عن التواصل الاجتماعي بالانجليزي

Dialogue between two people about social communication in English
Rania: How are you, Amal? I see you today showing signs of fatigue and stress. What happened to you? Did you get sick?
Amal: No, Rania. It was just that my teacher at school asked me to research the pros and cons of technology and I spent all night doing this research.
Rania: What did you find in this research, Amal?
Amal: It has become clear to me that technology has become an important role in our lives that we cannot do without, and on the other hand, this technology has helped to increase and spread societal negativity and pests.
Rania: What are the most important advantages of technology?
Amal: There are many that cannot be counted, but the most important of them is that they help us to obtain all the knowledge and cultural information we need and to obtain educational training courses in any country in an easy way. It also helped us to meet new people and communicate with them anywhere in the world, and to side of the above; It has also helped us obtain many public and private services in a very short time and saved us a lot of time, effort and money spent in obtaining the same services in the usual ways, in addition to the fact that the Internet has become providing a very large number of online businesses and jobs.
Rania: So what are the negatives about social communication and technology?
Amal: The use of technology by children and adolescents and the lack of supervision over them represents a great danger and leads to these children and young people dealing with unknown people who may issue false religious and societal ideas to them that are incompatible with our customs and traditions, and it also leads to the loss of a large part of the time in conducting other conversations. Purposeful and also spending a large part of the time playing electronic games that waste time greatly, as well as the outage of electricity or the Internet at any time, for example, which leads to the disruption of a large number of services suspended on the use of the computer and the Internet.
Rania: Is it possible to address these negatives and keep only the positives?
Amal: It is relative, Mona. We may succeed in imposing censorship and control over children and adolescents in the way they use the Internet and modern technology, but at the same time there are programs that help in secret browsing and others, and it is also difficult to completely control the problem of Internet outages that may occur in Any time as a result of several reasons and so on.
Rania: Thank you, Amal, for this fruitful dialogue.
Amal: No thanks for the duty, my dear.

حوار بين شخصين حول الثقافة

Dialogue between two people about culture
Ahmed: You are searching, Youssef, have you lost money or what?
Youssef: I lost something greater than money
Ahmed: What is greater than money at this time?
Youssef: Many things have been lost from me
Ahmed: Like what?
Yusuf: Peace, honesty, solidarity, love, truth and many more
Ahmed: Will you find these things on the ground?
Youssef: These values ​​are found everywhere and he just likes to look for them
Ahmed: It seems that we will not find anything here
Joseph: Why are you pessimistic?
Ahmed: This is the lobby of a department in which an evil employee works. He must have swept all this department and put it in an iron box
Youssef: You mean the employee who does not hand you a document unless…
Ahmed: You painted the walk or lips with him, I mean, until you give him coffee
Youssef: Al-Qahwa, Al-Tawwara, and Al-Baqish are many names for one crime. We must all cooperate to eradicate this incurable disease from the body of our nation.

حوار بين شخصين عن الاحترام

Dialogue between two people about respect
We can create a dialogue between two people about respect through the dialogue that Youssef had with his father, and here is the detail of that conversation:
Joseph: Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. How are you, my father?
Father: May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Praise be to God, Youssef. How was your day, Youssef!
Youssef: It was full of situations and events, my father.
Father: And what are those events that happened in your day?
Youssef: My colleague Ahmed did an ugly deed, which I do not accept. He mocked one of our friends; Because he was wearing shabby clothes.
THE FATHER: How is that, Joseph, mockery is an ugly quality that, when associated with a person; His morals were ugly, and he became good and desired by people.
Youssef: What are the moral traits one should do; Is it even accepted?
Father: To enjoy honesty in all his words and actions, and in all matters of his life, and he must also be humble with people, and treat people with high morals.
Youssef: Is that just my father!
Father: Morals are endless, my son, but honesty is one of the most important of these qualities. Because if a person is truthful, Honesty paid him for all his actions.

حوار بين شخصين قصير

Short dialogue between two people
He said: Do you not notice that the universe is male?
She said to him: Yes, and noticed that nature is female.
He said: Did you know that science is male?
She said to him, I know that knowledge is Female!
Take a deep breath
And he said: But they say that deception is female.
She said: Rather, they say that lying is male.
He said to her: But there are those who assured me that foolishness is female.
She said to him: There are those who prove to me that stupidity is mentioned.
He nodded and then took a glass of water and said: It seems you are right, nature is female.
She said to him: And you have been injured, for the beauty is male.
He said to her: I admit that the sacrifice is female.
She said to him: And I acknowledge that forgiveness is mentioned.
The controversy still exists, and the strife is still dormant
The dialogue will continue as long as
The question is male, and the answer is female.

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